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Help Wanted, Inquire Within -

Help Wanted, Inquire Within -Guest deutsche post dhl by CareerAlleyAuthor Website http//Careeralley.comWhile unemployment is still very high, it does seem like the job market has opened up somewhat. Ive been getting regular calls from my recruiter friends looking for candidates for jobs. Seems like they are having a difficult time finding candidates, almost counter-intuitive. High unemployment but we cant find people to fill jobs? I think that there are several reasons for this. Those of us who either still have a job or finally found one are not as likely to leave a safe Haven in this market, so that does limit some of the available pool. Part of the issue is job mismatch in that jobs for those that are looking for work do not match the skill sets of the individuals looking. But the belastung piece of the equation I believe is due to some individuals not being proactive in getting their information out there in the job search market. Like any successful product or service, you need to market yourself in a way that ensures people know you are looking. Now Im not suggesting you should do an infomercial on yourself, but I do think you need to conduct a job search marketing campaign. While hundreds of recruiters is obviously too many to work with, less than 10 is way too low. Leverage todays post to get your name out to some recruiters.Agra Placements Specializing in Farm and Ranch jobs, Chemical ausverkauf jobs and Agriculture jobs, Agra Placements website has three main links at the top for Careers (which allows you to search for positions that are currently posted), Applicants (which allows you to register) and Locations (where they have offices). At the bottom of the page are additional links for specific jobs (such as Farm Jobs, Sales Jobs, etc.). Additional contact information is available at the bottom of the page.Anderson Executive Search, Inc Based in Atlanta, Georgia (but dont let their location fool you, they recruit in a broad range of locations), An derson recruits in a very broad range of industries and functional areas Manufacturing, IT, Sales and Marketing, Environmental, Engineering, Aerospace and Defense, Human Resources, Operations, Audit and the list continues. Their main page has links on the left for Recruited Candidates (where you can submit a resume and look at job postings), Careers (which is their search engine), Industry Related articles and more. Anderson had 96 job opportunities posted when I checked the site.Boston Search Group BSG is an zwischenstaatlich recruiting firm. Their main page has links at the top for Practices (industries/functional areas of expertise), Candidates and Blog. Their blog provides interesting information that may be helpful in your search. Clicking on the Candidates tab leads to a page that provides an overview of BSG with links on the left hand side of the screen for Current Opportunities, Submit Resume and Contact Us. Submit Resume allows you to provide a broad range of information w hich will help them in finding a match for you.The Marshall Group Marshall is a professional search firm with a broad range of specialties. Their website has links on the left hand side of the page for Candidate Services, Submit a Resume, Career Tools, Contact Us and more. The career tools link provides some additional resources (such as salary survey) to help you in your search. The best way to contact them is to either call or email your resume.ZNC grenzberschreitend Inc. ZNC is an international recruiter that specializes in Technology. Their main page has a brief overview with a listing of the types of jobs they they place. No listing of open jobs on their site, but clicking their Contact Us link provides email, phone numbers and their address.Good luck in your search.Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

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If You Want Great Training and Promotion Opportunities, Then This Company Is Just What Youre Looking For

If You Want Great Training and Promotion Opportunities, Then This Company Is Just What Youre Looking ForIf You Want Great Training and Promotion Opportunities, Then This Company Is Just What Youre Looking ForEveryone wants a job after they graduate. But mora than that, they want a good job.And what makes a good job? For many, its the possibility of turning it into a better one. Nobody wants a dead-end and nobody wants to leave a company without having acquired skills during their tenure.Thats why finding a company that has clear structures in place for aufsteigen and training is so important for a recent grad. And thats where Apex comes in.What Is Apex? Apex is a Staffing and Recruiting firm that hires across all majors. That means theyre less concerned with what hard skills youve acquired during college. Why? Because they know that you can learn so much once youve started working.Apex invests a ton of time and money into training each of their Recruiters in sales strategy, client in teraction and advisement, and everything in between. They also have a clear path for promotion based on skills and performance. On top of that, Recruiters are paid more for doing well, because they get commission on their successful placements.Why Apex Is The Perfect Company For Your First Post-Grad Job If you add those things up, you really have the perfect post-grad job. Apex is a place where you learn skills relevant to both sales and Business Consulting, so if and when you do leave the company, youre going to be a much more valuable hire.Chances are, though, if youre a good fit for Recruiting, youre not going to want to leave because you can quickly get that coveted promotion. In fact, Apex Recruiting expert Casey Weickgenannt says that most successful Apex employees are promoted within their first six months of work.You Can Move Up The Ladder At Apex And those promotions allow you to get even deeper into building valuable skills. If you continue up the Recruiting track, then yo u can get better clients and more important placements. That means bigger commissions and more impressive accomplishments for your resume.If youre more suited to the Account Management track, youre going to get experience working directly with clients (the businesses that hire Apex to fill positions). That means youll not only work out which strategy best suits their needs but also advise them on how they should be thinking about building their teams. Both of these skills are invaluable regardless of the field.It seems like every company should pay you more and promote you for being successful. But they dont. Working as a Recruiter for Apex, however, will reward you properlyand make you a better candidate for the future.Interested in getting your career started? Apex is hiring on WayUp now, so check out their open positions and apply

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Is it Time to Re-think America#8217;s Position on Work-life Balance

Is it Time to Re-think America8217s Position on Work-life Balance In my usual browsing through Yahoos homepage, I came across an article about shorter work weeks. In high school I remember proposing the idea of a shorter school week to my mother I should only have to go to school Monday through Thursday. Because I had to go to school Friday it cut into my weekend time, truly giving me only two days off as opposed to the three schools led students to believe. And I deserved a full three days off. My mother said no, of course.But as an adult and now full-time worker, I still support this notlageion of shorter weeks. And, pertaining to the workweek, not so much because I just want three full days off (I mean who doesnt?), but for a couple important reasons1) How we work is changing. With the addition of technology, especially mobile mediums, its much easier to accomplish tasks from anywhere and at an ytime. If were honest, great deals of us go into an office and sit behind a computer for 8+ hours each day. As long as we can access the companys systems outside the office, who needs to physically come into the office each and every single day? Cant we behind a computer in any location?2) The definition of work is evolving. Nowadays its not uncommon to see a man dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, sitting in a coffee shop on his laptopdoing work. Hes a real employee or a business owner although his appearance and working conditions are not typical business professional.A worker is not confined to a cubicle or a building, and being employed doesnt always mean a structured 9-5 schedule or having one specific title. To work means many different things.So I, quite naturally, found the article interesting about Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim, the worlds second richest man, saying at a business conference in Paraguay that its time for a radical overhaul in the way people work. (Yaho o quoted him from the The Financial Times. According to the article, Slim said people should work three-days a week, to give employees mora time to relax and have a better quality of life. Yet, the catch is shorter workweeks would mean longer work days, i.e. 10-11 hour days, which could delay retirement (to 70-or-75).Now the Yahoo writer did note that although our nations working week timetables need an overhaul, interestingly, this push usually comes from billionaires who dont actually have to work (haha).But is the writer correct in that America does need to update its workweek mandate, especially for the sake (and health) of its workers? After all, Americans typically struggle to find work-life balance and have often been deemed workaholics.The five-day, 40-hour work week, according to the Yahoo article, became the standard in the U.S. in 1938. That welches 76 years ago, and as previously stated, the concept of work looks much different now from the 1930s.CNN Money created an art icle detailing the 10 industrialized nations where workers have shorter hours than Americans average of 38 hours per week.Countries with the shortest workweeks (average hours worked per week)Netherlands 29Denmark 33Norway 33Ireland 34Germany 35Switzerland 35Belgium 35Sweden 36Australia 36Italy 36And look at some of the things the article had to say about each of the countries listed in comparison to our nationAbout Switzerlands work-life balanceSwiss workers earn nearly the same as the average American worker, but work 155 hours less each year. About a third of them are on part-time schedules.A whopping 79% of the countrys working-age population are employed, the highest of any industrialized nation. In comparison, only about 67% of Americans ages 15 to 65 have a job.About Belgiums work-life balancethe government created career breaks. Every Belgian worker is entitled to a one-year break during their working lifetime. During this time off, the worker receives an allowance from the g overnment.Belgian law also entitles workers to 15 weeks maternity leave, 10 days paternity leave, and in addition to that, up to three months parental leave, which can be taken in short increments up to a childs 12th birthday.Belgians work an average of 35 hours a week, and over an entire year, average about 210 fewer hours than American workers.And results from the 2013 OCED Better Life Index also support the evidence above that the U.S. is lagging behind other developed nations when it comes to its policies affecting work-life balance.An article on highlights a few examplesCompared with 36 other nations, the United States is the only country that does not have a national paid leave policy for mothers and fathers after a baby is born.The U.S. ranked 28 out of 36 on the index list of countries with the best work-life balance. Denmark was No. 1, and Canada, New Zealand, Brazil and most European countries all outrank the U.S.The U.S. ranked 14 out of 36, on the index list o f countries whose people have the highest general satisfaction with life.We all know just how important work-life balance is, and with data showing that nations with shorter workweeks and a focus on quality of life ranking higher in the satisfaction areas, can we assume that America has it all wrong?And this isnt necessarily focused on shortening working weeks, but our countrys views on work-life balance and quality of life overall. We work long hours skip vacation days or if we do take them we work while on vacation and many times put our career demands over our personal lives.And I believe this is largely due to whats been instilled in us from day one You have to work hard to succeed, but somehow weve turned working hard into constantly working. Our nation is so fast-paced everyone has to be doing somethinggrinding, building a brand, networking, etc.and the more demands you have on your plate the better.And for this hustle and busyness we sacrifice family, relationships, and somet imes, even our health.With the way the workforce is shifting, i.e. telecommuting, startups, now truly the time for American workers and employers to adjust their thinking and practices when it comes to work-life balance in the U.S.?

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How to Find the Right Resume-Writing Service for You

How to Find the Right Resume-Writing Service for You How to Find the Right Resume-Writing Service for You Selecting the right resume-writing service involves mora than finding someone who can string together a few sentences. You need someone who can effectively summarize your attributes, experience, and knowledge in a format that flows while making you stand out from other applicants.If youre in need of a resume-writing service, keep the following criteria in mind1. Experience CountsRather than relying on a single person who has limited firsthand recruiting experience, look for professional resume-writing services that boast concrete experience across a broad range of industries. Because the team members have worked closely with a variety of hiring managers and human resources personnel, widely experienced resume-writing services can more effectively put together resumes that capture employers attention.2. Consultations, Not FormsMany resume-writing services will ask you to fill ou t lengthy forms so they can use the details to craft a strong resume. However, the best services will pair unterstellung forms with extensive conversation and consultation, either in person or via Skype or a similar platform. This approach results in a customized resume that reflects who you are, what you have to offer, and why you are the best choice for the job.3. Timely DeliveryWeve all had the experience or at least heard about it You find a posting for your dream job, but the vacancy is filled before you have a chance to put your application together. When it comes to nailing ajob, timeliness is always a crucial factor. Look for a professional resume-writing service that can turn your resume around in a matter of days, not weeks.4.A Team EffortWorking with a team of resume writers, rather than one writer, ensures your resume gets the customization it deserves. The team effort also means the resume is scrutinized from multiple perspective, making it less likely the final produc t will contain any errors or weaknesses.5. Get a GuaranteeSome sort of guarantee is pretty standard for resume-writing services, but if you dig into the fine print, youll usually find that these guarantees are designed to protect the resume writer, not you. A resume-writing service that is confident in its ability needs no such fine print. Look for a company that offers a simple guarantee with actionable steps, such as a free rewrite of your resume if you dont receive a request for an interview within 60 days.Your resume is your introduction to a potential employer. As such, it should be trusted to a proven, professional resume-writing service. Finding the right service can be difficult, but it might just be the best investment you make this year.Keith Wolf is CEO and cofounder of ResumeSpice and the managing director of Murray Resources.Master the art of closing deals and making placements. Take our Recruiter Certification Program today. Were SHRM certified. Learn at your own pace during this 12-week program. Access over 20 courses. Great for those who want to break into recruiting, or recruiters who want to further their career.

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What to Do if You Dont Fit in at Work

What to Do if You Dont Fit in at WorkWhat to Do if You Dont Fit in at Work The awkwardness, the cliques, the struggle of who to sit with at lunch when you feel like the odd person out at work, it might seem like you were transported back to high school. It might feel juvenile to worry about whether or not your colleagues like you , but experts agree that feelings of comfort and acceptance in the workplace are far from trivial.fruchtwein people will work an average of 65,000 hours in their lifetime. Being in a positive environment is a key to being happy and having a healthy outlook, says leadership coach Anza Goodbar. If you are unhappy in the job, you will be less likely to perform well and it will reduce the likelihood of keeping the job long term.Beyond that, your ability to get things done in your organization will inevitably involve being able to effectively influence others and bring them on board to your ideas, points out Joseph Liu , career consultant & ho st of the Career Relaunch podcast. Fitting in is part of being able to effectively lead gruppes to achieve your organizational goals.So if you dont feel at home in your current job, its well worth doing something about it. But what exactly should your next steps be? Here are a few things experts recommend.When evaluating your situation, its critical to know whether your feeling of being an outsider is internal (i.e. a schwierigkeit with how you perceive yourself) or external (i.e. a problem with how others perceive you). If youre prone to overthinking , or getting too hung up on things like popularity and coolness, your problem may very well be in your head - in which case, youd do well to work on your own self-esteem rather than adjusting your behavior.In situations like this, you cant control other people, but you can control yourself and how you perceive a situation, adds Alison Brehme, founder and CEO of Virtual Corporate Wellness .But if youre genuinely experiencing animos ity, lack of respect or serious value and priority differences, then you have a problem worth addressing externally, MacLeod says.Harrison Brady, Communications Specialist at Frontier Communications , sums it up nicely Do you need to be the most popular guy in the office? No. Should you feel comfortable going to the office everyday? Absolutely.If you suspect your issue is external, though, dont worry - all hope is not lost. You just have to take a few extra steps.When you feel like you dont fit in, it can be difficult to determine exactly where your problem lies. To address this, leadership coach Marian Thier recommends one activity in particular.When clients say they just dont mesh with their co-workers, I first ask them to draw five concentric circles and put the names of everyone they deal with on at least a weekly grund Then they draw an arrow to indicate how information flows between the client and the other person, Thier says. Finally they color the arrows red for difficu lt relationships and green for smooth ones.While your instinct might be to focus on whats going wrong, Thier recommends thinking about whats working.My clients assess how the green relationship is working, what to continue to do consciously and consistently, what to do mora/less of and how to be self-observant. Once the right-fit relationships blossom, it is common for the reds to minimize or not to be necessary, Thier explains. The idea is to strengthen solid relationships, which will gradually either create a sense of belonging or make it clear that it just isnt the place to be.Another possible explanation for your discomfort at work could be simply that youre not putting yourself out there enough. If thats the case, try to find common ground with your workmates. Invite them to lunch or to an after-work event to get to know them better. Taking initiative in the situation can make you seem more approachable and create opportunities to connect, Goodbar says.A few more ideas Make efforts to be more social at breaks. Join in the conversation at lunch. Attend company happy hours or social events, suggests social skills coach Jonathan Bennett. By bonding with co-workers on a personal level, theyll feel more comfortable with you during working hours.You may not become best buds with your workmates, but you may be able to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and have a more happy work environment, Goodbar adds.You shouldnt feel pressured to change who you fundamentally are in order to fit in, but a few adjustments to your communication style could help put others at ease. If you came from a more aggressive environment where competing with team members was rewarded, for example, the way you interacted with colleagues there might not jibe at a more collaborative office.We tend to respond positively to others like us, and if you are feeling like the odd man out, then you probably need to be the one to adjust your style, says career coach Mary Warriner. You c ould sit back and watch for a while and see how your boss responds to your co-workers or how your co-workers interact with each other. This might give you a clue as to where to start. Do they interrupt each other and speak very fast? Do they take time to stop and think before responding?Its often worth turning to a trusted colleague or friend, even if they dont work at the company. They may be able to offer up perspective, suggestions or at the very least, a sympathetic listening ear. A mentor outside of your immediate team can provide you with objective, candid feedback about which behaviors are favored within the organization, and which are not. If you dont have a mentor, try to identify someone whos successfully ascended within the organization with whom you feel you could have an honest, candid conversation to discuss what steps you can take to fit in, Liu recommends. After youve identified a few tweaks you can make, decide which you feel are feasible and can create the greates t positive impact, then take action.If you feel that your work is suffering, you could reach out to an HR representative . Your company may have some communication assessments on file or tools to assist you, Warriner adds.However, its worth noting that discussing an issue like this with your manager or HR could lead to formal documentation and meetings, so bear that in mind before taking action, MacLeod advises.If youve done everything you can and still arent feeling any more comfortable with your current situation, it may be time to move on . A few indications that you should cut your losses and find a new job First, if the actions required to fit in force you to be someone youre not. Second, if you feel like fitting in requires you to compromise one of your core values or principles. Finally, if you realize the effort to fit in may realistically not make a lasting difference to a negative reputation that youve already built for yourself, Liu says.Additionally, if your stress lev el is causing you to lose sleep at night or if youre unable to eat, or youre feeling miserable after a year, you may want to take it as a sign to move on, add Goodbar and Warriner, respectively.At some point, cutting your losses so you can have a fresh start at an organization more well-aligned to who you are will allow you to be yourself, make the most of who you are and achieve results that benefit your organization and your own career trajectory, Liu concludes.

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When Traveling Musicians Need Work Permits

When Traveling Musicians Need Work PermitsWhen Traveling Musicians Need Work PermitsWhether your band is getting ready to head out on its first world tour, or youve been eyeing a Canadian music festival where youd love to play, it is important to remember that like anyone visiting a foreign country for work, you may need a permit or visa. Whether or notlage you need a work permit or work visa for your tour obviously depends on where your tour is and what citizenship you hold. Keep in mind a work visa is different from a passport any international travel outside the U.S. requires at least a passport card (to Mexico and Canada) or a full passport (to anywhere else). Make sure your passport is up to date as well, obviously. When You Need a Work Permit Besides geography, there are other factors that will determine whether you need a work permit. How many shows are you playing? How much money do you expect to earn? How long will your tour brde? In some cases, the group putting togethe r your tour may require you to have a permit to play. For instance, if youre a non-American performer traveling to the U.S. to perform in the Coachella or South by Southwest (SXSW) festivals, youd need a work visa. Likewise, American artists who want to play at international festivals or locationswill almost always be required to have a permit. How to Find Out What You Need to Apply for a Work Visa Your first point of contact in determining whether you need a work permit should be the embassy website for the country you plan to visit. The website should have information that applies directly to citizens of your country. Keep in mind that entertainment and music-related work permits or work visas are almost always handled in a different way than other work permits, so be sure to check out the information about these specific kinds of visas. If youre only playing at a one-time event, like a festival, you should be able to contact the festival organizers directly to find out what w ork visas may or may not be required. Youll also want to get familiar with any fees that are involved. How Long ItTakes For Paperwork to Be Processed Another thing you should remember about work permits Some countries have application fees as well as fees for issuing the permit, so they can represent an extra expense. And as anyone who has ever applied for a passport or work visa knows, it can take an excruciatingly long time for all the paperwork to be processed. Make sure you know what kind of identification youll need before you begin the application process, whether a drivers license, passport, or birth certificate. Many countries can take a very long time to approve these applications or may charge a priority processing fee to applicants who need their visas sooner rather than later. The U.S is a prime example of a country that has extremely high priority processing fees. If you know you will be touring overseas, figuring out your work permit situation should be at the top of your list of things to do. Absolutely do not wait until the last minute. Otherwise, you may find yourself forced to cancel shows when your paperwork doesnt come in on time.

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Find Contacts at Your Target Companies Find Your Dream Job

Find Contacts at Your Target Companies Find Your Dream JobFind Contacts at Your Target Companies - Find Your Dream JobOn Day 13, you created an employer target list with 10 - 20 companies that you would love to work for. A great way to increase your chances of getting a job interview at a dream company is to have a contact who works there. So today, you will use a variety of techniques to find connections at your target companies, and reach out to them. How Contacts Can Help Your Job Search Having a contact at a company (whether a current or former employee) is a great way to get your foot in the door. A contact will be able to help your candidacy for employment in a variety of ways. Contacts can alert you to job opportunities that might not be listed online. They can also personally mention you to a hiring manager, or (depending how well they know you and your work) write a personal recommendation for you. Even simply mentioning your connection at the company in your cover let ter can help move you along in the hiring process. How to Find Contacts Here are some techniques for finding contacts at your target companies. Follow your target companies on their LinkedIn Company Pages. The page will list all of your LinkedIn connections at each company. It will also list your second-degree connections (people who are connected to your connections), which might help you find other acquaintances.Search facebook inc Groups by each company name. Some companies have Facebook Groups for current and former employees. Look at these lists, and see if you have any Facebook friends in these groups.Use Twellow to search for Twitter contacts by industry or by specific company. If you are a college student or graduate, contact your career services office or alumni office. These offices typically have databases of alumni and/or parents who are willing to help with career networking. Search the database by industry or company name to find potential contacts. How to Reach Out to Your Contacts Reach out to your contacts at each dream company, expressing your interest in the company and asking if they can help. You can ask to meet up for coffee for an informational interview about the company. If you are LinkedIn contacts, ask if the contact would be willing to write you a LinkedIn recommendation. Here are some sample letters asking for help from network contacts. Give Back Networking is not a one-way street. If you ask for a LinkedIn recommendation, be sure to offer to write one for the other person. If your connections need advice or referrals in the future, return the favor. A career network only works when you are willing to give help and advice as well as receive it.